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Millennials are living with less. Recent shifts towards minimalism and environmental consciousness has led to a generation of consumers who thrift more and keep hand-me-downs less.

How can we refresh Goodwill's brand to establish a foothold with a new generation of consumers?

Campaign strategy and executions made for Strategic Thinking class.

Functional USP

Emotional USP

Good quality furniture

for cheap

"Saves the waste in men and things"

  • Family heirlooms

  • Hand-me-downs

  • On-the-job training

  • Employment initiatives

  • Youth and senior programs

Goodwill sits at a unique intersection of aligning with the humanitarian beliefs of

Gen Z consumers while also providing an affordable shopping alternative.

and 68% of them identifies that doing their part to make the world a better place directly impacts their buying behavior.

Goodwill is environmentally friendly but inconvenient.

"It's difficult to have expectations when

 shopping for Goodwill. So I just bought my

 furniture brand new, even if it costs more."

"I like having options that allow me to 

 express myself and create a cohesive

 design in my own home."

"I would rather invest in brand new furniture

 because they are clean and can

 get delivered to my house."

Whom are we talking to?

The always connected, environmentally conscious, busy, and young go-getter.

Young Adults

ages 18-28

Limited Budgets

Values saving

the environment

Still Goodwill,

but take it online.

Goodwill Furniture

In order to reach our target audience, Goodwill will launch a website that lists furniture available in stores near the end user. By knowing what is available in each branch, consumers will no longer consider Goodwill shopping a gamble. Consumers can now purchase online and pick up the furniture or get it delivered—saving time and reducing stress.


Targeted Digital Advertising

We want to reach our audience where they're already looking. Goodwill will tap into used goods apps like Letgo, Offerup, and Thredup where young adults are shopping for their first
pieces of furniture.

Additionally, Goodwill will advertise on real-estate websites such as Zillow and Hyper-targeted marketing will only show Goodwill Furniture ads on search results using selected filters, like price (limited budget) or location (close to universities).

club_rush_elena_perez-7 copy.jpg

Campus Activations

Lastly, we will make our presence known in university campuses to attain high mental availability to students who are constantly moving in and out of dorms and apartments year after year.

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