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Strategy: Dana Nathanson, Michelle Montalban

Copywriting: Emma Campanella, Dillon Hansen

Art Direction: Jelly Marasigan 

Account: Isaac Lee

Project Management: Lauren Perry

Team Logo: Grettel Regalado-Aguirre

How can we build hype, increase awareness, and maximize viewership for Twitch’s Twitch Rivals competition when streamers refuse to share any branded promotions? Our solution, OFF STREAM, is a content ecosystem that celebrates a side to these streamers that isn’t shown anywhere else. 

As the art director of Team FootStomp, I took responsibility of building the branding of OFF STREAM, assembling the deck, and executing all the creative comps. Additionally, I collaborated with our strategists and copywriters to ensure that the campaign presentation was cohesive, engaging, and memorable.


The following campaign is spec work done for Indoor Recess, a competition for students stuck indoors instead of interning. Submissions were judged by industry professionals from Twitch and Laundry Service.

Our research led us to believe that Twitch Rivals is more than a skills competition - it’s a personality showcase.

That's why Twitch branded promotions, partnerships and other content doesn’t sit well with the community. Overly branded anything doesn’t capture the streamer’s voice, which in turn comes off as ingenuine to fans.

Streamers are the entertainers of this generation, yet nobody has given them that deserved respect. Twitch Rivals is the space to do just that. Twitch can be the catalyst that dictates the culture of streaming.


Exciting, snackable content on the Twitch platform that highlights the loveable personalities of streamers. 


This level focuses on stirring hype around the streamers and creating promotional content that they’ll want to share. 

VOD (video-on-demand) content provides entertainment in between live Twitch Rivals competitions.


This second level engages with the fan community on social media and gaming forums. These interactions directly affect Off Stream content.


As opposed to branded Twitch content, streamers are more willing to repost Off Stream content because it’s personal, authentic, and makes them look good. Win-win.

Level 3 utilizes all of the Off Stream hype to direct fans back to the Twitch Rivals tournament.

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