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Transforming a hometown brewery into a national brand through savvy branding and engaging event presence.

Joining Spanish Marie as the Art Director, my mission was to give a visual facelift to every aspect of our brand. I crafted eye-catching labels for exciting new beer drops and lead the artistic vision behind our Beer Garden and Speakeasy events to elevate Spanish Marie as the hottest upcoming hub in South Miami.

Art direction by me

Illustration by our in-house illustrator, Albina

(She works remotely from Ukraine!)

SM Wordmark Blue.png
CANART BG-branches.jpg

Nights in Sour-weentown was our epic week-long Halloween bash featuring daily parties tailored for different slices of our crowd. My job was to design rad event posters menus, and in-store graphics that catered to a diverse audience, all while keeping the vibe on point with the Beetlejuice-inspired theme.

I also created the beer can label for our limited edition banana-infused sour ale. You read that right: banana beer. Think, Juicy Fruit, actually. It is indeed Strange and Unusual.

Strange and Unusual Mockup.png
Asset 1.png
Asset 6.png
Asset 5.png
Asset 4.png
Asset 2.png

Signature Beer Labels

Working with our chef and brewmasters, I bring their flavors to life by creating the visual concept for each beer release. Each beer label taps into fan culture and current social trends to maximize visibility and interest.

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