Encourage people to choose time for friends during Martini time.

In approaching this brief, we made sure to focus on the tension between two vastly different drinking cultures: the Italian aperitivo which focuses on sharing quality time over sessionable drinks, and the American happy hour, which focuses on imbibing high-ABV drinks.

Our final D&AD entry spins the meaning of the word aperitivo from "to open [the appetite]" into "to open up". Martini believes in the power and importance of time spent together; that is, making face to face connections in the real world with the people we are closest to. Open House teaches the value of being open. A time to be their true selves in the most intimate setting that they know—their house.

Made with Francesca Molteni (AD) and Andrew del Valle (CW)

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In an age where being around crowds has been stigmatized, Martini brings the bar to you.


Sponsored by MARTINI, groups of millennial friends will be selected to experience the art of aperitivo. The millennial host’s home will be transformed into a branded experience that turns their home into a bar even Alessandro Martini would be proud of.


All they have to do? Invite their closest friends and show up.

During this experience, a guide will teach the group about the art of aperitivo, how to make mixed cocktails, and, most importantly, how to open up in the process. The guide will facilitate this by using Arthur Aron’s 36 Questions. These questions are designed to help people to get to know each other and create a sense of intimacy.

After it’s all said and done,

we hope that they consider practicing MARTINI Time as a habit.

This event will be recorded and amplified through digital and social channels to spark a new trend in U.S. drinking culture. 

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We want to make practicing MARTINI Time as seamless as possible. The MARTINI Time Kit is a pick-up-and-go kit that will ease the transition into this new drinking culture.

  • MARTINI Fiero

  • Tonic Water

  • (3) Arthur Aron's 36 Questions cards

  • (3) Postcards


Through Drizly, we will combine the kit with food options to create an authentic aperitivo experience and transform their home for MARTINI Time.

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By showing real moments between real people, we can evoke interest from others

to practice MARTINI Time themselves.