The sensationalization of mass shooting coverage risks inspiration and ideation among those who are susceptible to these thoughts. Despite countless harmful news cycles, there is little being done to remedy the issue—until now.

"Mass killers received approximately $75 million in media coverage value."
—Adam Lankford

Made with Katie Reid (CW)


In the age of transparency, we want to hold the media accountable by breaking the cycle. Cyclebreaker is a browser extension that performs like a Grammarly for sensationalist reporting. It highlights trigger words and phrases, following a guideline of anti-sensationalist verbiage. The plug-in then rates the article with a trigger score that determines the overall senstionalism of the article. This rating can be used as a tool to identify articles with responsible reporting.

Social Media

Cyclebreaker's social media accounts will help propagate the importance of media literacy in the ever-changing data landscape of the Internet.

Mobile Plug-in

Cyclebreaker will also have mobile browser plug-ins to reach the 85% of U.S. adults who read the news on a mobile device. 

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