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In the fall of 2018, Gucci's balaclava sweater, resembling blackface, caused outrage and distrust among the African American community.  Through this campaign, Gucci will commit to a new journey of inclusivity by putting black designers in the spotlight.

Presented by Pippa Seichrist

at Cannes Lions 2019

Made with Andrew Gonzalez (AD)

and Katie Reid (CW)

But were we ever really equal? Where is our role in this conversation?

No more empty apologies.

This revolution is not a "what if" but "when." Our voices will grow louder and louder until we are out of the shadows and into the limelight.

We are a community whose contribution and impact knows no bounds and demands recognition.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or where you’re going.


It’s the journey that determines the greatness of the individual and the

rise to excellence.


From all over, we come together as one. Through a shared will to do more. Be more.


We will march as equals in this industry.

We will commit to a new journey of inclusivity.

Held accountable by our grievances and our passion to do more. Be more.

Excuses are of the past. This moment is ours.

EXCHANGE FOR CHANGE — Trade in your old Gucci items in exchange for Gucci Noir designs, created by up-and-coming black designers.

AR App

This AR feature in the Gucci app brings your exchange for change to life.

We want to use Gucci's powerful platform to elevate these rising designers by putting their name in the iconic Gucci typeface. 

Gucci Noir Tags



In-mall posters featuring people of color with the tagline "No More Apologies" will serve as a public manifesto for the launch of Gucci Noir.

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