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Being half-Irish and half-Indian, Sarah struggled with finding a place where she belongs. We want her to lead the celebration of collaboration in music and culture. 

Using the power of community, The Love Yourself Club is a content-based campaign centered around elevating and amplifying the message of Sarah Packiam's newest single.

Made with Annie Bhardwaj (AD)


"You can't love until you love yourself."

—Sarah Packiam


We want to facilitate community building through an intimate live jam session between Sarah Packiam and her listeners.

Interactivity. Live Music Show.

Zine Mockup-pink.png

Self-expression and identity is further encouraged through themed lyric books and journals.


Self-Love Zine Kit.

Openness. Podcast.

To teach openness is to also be vulnerable. Through this new creative platform, we hope that Sarah Packiam can provide her community with a new channel for discovery.


Openness & Interactivity.

Social Media.

Finally, everyday interactions will support and enrich Packiam's community growth while also being a platform for further discussions.

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