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Forever Welcome is a community dedicated to helping immigrants feel welcome in the United States. It has been active for a year but now they need to refresh and reignite their audience (immigrants) to demonstrate the community's commitment to diversity and inclusion.

One of the easiest ways to establish a connection with other cultures and widen perspectives is through food.

Made with Andrew Gonzalez (AD) and Katie Reid (CW)

Food is an expression of cultural identity.

A compilation of weekly recipes submitted from immigrants of the Forever Welcome community. A portion of the proceeds goes to United Way for their efforts in helping immigrants in the U.S. 


A platform to speak and share.

Referencing the content with the highest engagement rate for the page, we created the idea for cooking interviews. These videos aim to spark empathy as immigrants tell their stories of dealing with, and overcoming the hardships of immigrant life through cooking.

Learning together.

The community of Forever Welcome will have the opportunity to meet weekly for a community potluck English class. Participants will bring a dish of their choice and the group is encouraged to practice English by explaining the recipe to other participants.

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